I describe you, you describe me ... we exchange our feathers to draw the portrait. After more than 5 years together, including 4 years together, we think we know a minimum!

Laura seen by Jerome
The quiet force
Calm and generous, Laura is sweetness embodied. It is the ideal accomplice , the solid base on which one can rely in all serenity. She is the rudder of this adventure (not at the level of the sense of orientation, especially not!), But at the level of the cape in front of my creative madness.

Her organizational qualities fascinate me and help us enormously in the preparation of the key stages of our journey as in everyday life. Her consistency and perseverance allow her to carry out a project when she decides. Endowed with a double culture, her open-mindedness inspires me deeply.

Gifted with the lens and having a good eye, Laura is the photographer of the blog. Passionate, she also skilfully shares content on networks. Finally, his kindness and inner beauty confirm that I made the right "choice"🙂

Jerome seen by Laura
The curious creative 
This passionate marketing and communication strategy will draw strength from its contagious optimism. A bit gritty but especially a slew of humor and good mood that will not fail to provide us with unforgettable moments. This trip will also be an opportunity to explode his creativity in terms of writing, drawing, image and music.

Very curious about the environment that surrounds him, Jérôme likes to learn about all the subjects he touches from near and far. A thirst for knowledge that he sings while listening to a lot of podcasts (and even a podcast of podcasts!).

Always present for close people, it is with pleasure that he will give a hand, but being very resourceful, he will never ask for help. Sometimes you just need to impose and not leave the choice 🙂The ideal life and road partner.

Who are we
The Us in a few key moments
A Lorraine and an Alsatian, the perfect alliance against stereotypes. From the beginning of our meeting on the school benches we were ready to fight all prejudices: yes the quiche and flambé pie is a winning ticket (Oops ... a gastronomic shot)!

In short ...
Not even 1 year that we were together and we were already flying to Australia in Working Holiday Visa: the ultimate test to check the strength of a couple, especially when you live a few months in a van. After 8 months and a stop in Bangkok, we go back together, more united than ever and motivated to finish our last year of study.

Time is running out, studies are over, we are on a permanent contract and we travel from time to time to European destinations: Berlin, Porto, Amsterdam, Munich, Salzburg, Lyon etc. Or more distant like Australia, again. We begin to enjoy cycling between Alsace and Lorraine , on the cycle route of the Alsatian vineyard , in Austria in the region of Salzkammergut and use two wheels to move around the city.

But ... because there is a but ... we are missing something. We just miss a dream to realize, this great bike adventure through some countries of the world. So let's do it, simply! But (another but ...) before taking off on our mounts, it is a commitment for life that we will formalize, that to say yes, for the bestand for the worse.

Finally, we love the human and all he has to teach us. We are so few things, we must know how to keep the humility that each encounter shapes us. And what's more precious than giving your time and a smile? In search of authenticity, we remain irreparably attracted by the simple things ... and by living simply, we never miss anything.

5 points that characterize us
  • We find our balance in the complementarity of our characters
  • We are convinced that if you help your neighbor, life will make you one day or the other
  • If one of us at a slouch, the other is always there to motivate him
  • We prefer to celebrate our years as a couple with a good raclette rather than a restaurant
  • We are satisfied with little and yet, we are very happy

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